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Film and Television Director

Bao'An District Shenzhen,Guangdong Province
Number of recruits  1

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Position Requirements:

1、More than 3 years of video editing and directing work experience;

2、More than 1 year of product, promotional film, plot video editing and directing work experience,be able to complete script writing independently;

3、Have director and overall planning thought , with the ability to write storytelling and complete the video independently;

4、Have the knowledge of film and television audiovisual language,camera, Screen layout, shooting process, machine and the post-production;

5、With product thinking, operational thinking, user thinking, market thinking, and professionalism: effective communication, fairness and awareness, judgment ability, negotiation ability, principle, adaptability, execution, learning, and passion.

Job Responsibilities:

Overall plan Film and television shooting 

1、 Responsible for the overall arrangement of the classification and schedule of monthly shooting needs according to the video shooting plan of the product line,

2、Responsible for coordinating shooting elements such as models, scenes, props, etc. to ensure the shooting and smooth progress according to the shooting plan, 

3、Responsible for formulating the effect standard of the product video together with the product line according to the business needs and the shooting direction of the department, 

4、Output the storyboard script according to the effect standard of the product video; 

Implement Video shooting

1、 According to the product video script, responsible for lens movement, light, color, composition and model performance shooting;

2、According to the shooting needs, responsible for the order control of the shooting scene and the emergency handling of special circumstances

3、According to the product video script,  responsible for controlling the overall effect of shooting video materials to ensure compliance with standard requirements;

4、According to the management system of the studio, responsible for  removing the scene after the shooting is completed, ensuring that all kinds of equipment, props, soft outfits, etc. return to their positions

5、Responsible for the verification of the captured video material files to ensure that there are no missed shots, missing shots, or lost files;

Video Post-cutting

1、According to the video shooting plan of the product line, be responsible for the overall arrangement of the classification and schedule of the monthly shooting video post-editing needs;

2、According to business needs, responsible for working with product lines and video editor to formulate the effect standards of product video editing;

3、According to the video script, responsible for the guidance and control of the video transition, music, special effects, typesetting, composition etc. 

4、Responsible for reviewing key nodes of video editing according to business process requirements.

Product Video Data Management

1、According to business needs, be responsible for regular statistics and analysis of product video data (complete broadcast rate, average playback time) that have been launched, and output data reports;

2、According to business requirements and data reports, be responsible for adjusting the video shooting direction and output feasible solutions;

3、According to business needs and department planning, conduct monthly, quarterly, and annual product video summary and review, and formulate video shooting strategies and plans;

4、According to resource development affairs needs and department planning, responsible for shooting and  looking for  models.


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