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Overseas Sales Assistant

Bao'An District Shenzhen,Guangdong Province
Number of recruits  4

Position Requirements:

1、Technical secondary school degree or above,International Trading or Commercial English related major,English skill require CET4 or above;

2、Fluently spoken English and skillful operation of English business email are required;

3、Be able to independently handle orders, develop and maintain customers;

4、With good communication, coordination and execution capabilities, and be able to communicate with customers flexibly:

5、Have a strong sense of professionalism. Teamwork spirit, strong work independence, serious and responsible for work, and being active

6、Summarize and analysis the existing problems in the work, be good at independent thinking and try to solve problems;

7、Proficient in the use of office software, typing speed is not less than 60 per minute.

Job Responsibilities:

1、confirm information and input them to ERP system according to salesmem's orders, Make international logistics delivery documents according to order requirements;

2、Communicate with the purchasing department and warehouse, tracking out-of-stock orders and arranging shipments throughout the process;

3、After the order is issued, record the delivery information and track it throughout the process, contact the customer to deal with the abnormal logistics order, and be responsible for urging the customer to clear customs until the goods are signed.

4、Communicate with the financial department,  calculate the team performance and logistics costs of the current month according to the ERP system;

5、complete other work arranged by foreign trade manager.


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