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Overseas Anchor Cross-border E-commerce Anchor

Bao'An District Shenzhen,Guangdong Province
Number of recruits  4

Position Requirements:

1、Technical secondary school degree or above,International Trading or Commercial English related major,CET4 English skill or above;

2、Fluency spoken English and skillful operation of English business email are required;

3、Full-time job, Go online to live broadcast and offline on time every day,guarantee the live broadcast duration according to the company's requirements

4、Have good adaptability and strong psychological quality, strong sense of responsibility, and good teamwork spirit

5、Male or female are not restricted, those with good image and temperament are preferred

Job Responsibilities:

1、Develop a live broadcast plan according to the company's requirements, complete the live broadcast task, and achieve the mission goal;

2、Plan and edit live broadcast content according to the requirements of each promotion platform;

3、Develop live broadcast event plans and optimize live broadcast products;

4、Interact with online customers in a timely manner, discover users' needs and opinions, record and accept users' feedback, and follow up on issues.


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11-12, 14th Floor, Building 13, Qinchengda Building, Exit A, Honglang North Subway Station, Baoan District, Shenzhen,China Mainland.