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Automobile maintenance technician (expat)

Bao'An District Shenzhen,Guangdong Province
Number of recruits  6

Position Requirements:

1、More than 1 year of working experience in high-end vehicle maintenance, and the major of the corresponding technical school Graduates are also available;

2、Master the maintenance technology of various types of vehicle failures and the working principle and performance of various automobile parts;

3、Know about the auto repair work process and service items. And be able to analyze the rationality of the repair process, and review the repair cost;

Job Responsibilities:

1、Comprehensively analyze the causes of customer vehicle failures, accurately judge the point of failure, effectively resolve the failure, and prevent sending out for repairing;

2、Solve difficult technical problems in car maintenance;

3、Independently complete the second-class maintenance projects. All kinds of quick repairs. Maintenance projects;

4、Answer customer inquiries about vehicle repair and maintenance, and promote sales;

5、The expatriate area: African countries: Ghana. South Africa. Tanzania. Kenya. Domestic training for 2-3 months before expating. 


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