• Shumatt Common Rail Diesel Parts Promotion During Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

    The opening ceremony of the 2022 Qatar World Cup at the AI Bayt Stadium stated at Qatar local time 5:40pm.To celebrate this World Cup games and to improve economic cooperation, Shumatt is giving the promotion of our common rail diesel parts to middle east and Arabian countries’ friends during the Qatar World Cup.

  • Automechanika Shanghai 2022 - Shenzhen Shumatt Technology Exhibition

    Automechanika Frankfurt Exhibition is one of the most famous exhibitions in Automobile industry in the world. In 2022, it has already been held in Russia and Dubai in October and November, and in this coming December, it will be held in China. Usually, the Automechanika Exhibition in China lands in Shanghai, this December it will come to Shenzhen.There will be over 400 exhibitors from Automobile industry to take part in this exhibition, Shumatt sincerely invite friends around the world to participate Automechanika Frankfurt Exhibition in Shenzhen.

  • 320D Injectors Promotion During UN General Assembly & Before China National Day

    For this big event and the effort of each country in the world seek to find solutions for peace and sustainable ECO development for human’s home - the Earth, Shumatt Tech is holding a big promotion of 320D series injectors to customers who from United Nations Member countries.


    After three days of busy and hard working, Shenzhen Shumatt Technology has finished it's show at the Expo Mecanica in Lima, Peru. The Expo has made great success and we are so glad to see the flourishing of Automobile industry in South America.


    In the year of 2022, the exhibitions around the world are finally coming back to bustling again. Shumatt has made a great progress and succeeded in taking part in oversea Expo again since 2019. We hope to show and impress our customers with our new face at the Expo Mecanica in Lima, Peru. We will see you at Booth No. 175, CÍRCULO MILITAR DEL PERÚ, SEDE SALAVERRY, JESÚS MARÍA, LIMA.

  • New Arrival of Original Injector 0445116018, Good Price!

    New arrival of original fuel injector 0445116018, compatible with injector's model 0445116017 and 0986435420 is applicable for diesel engine HYUNDAI and KIA. Only 100 pieces available this time!

  • We Make Jokes On April Fools Day, But We Don't Make Jokes On Quality

    It is April 1st again, every this day of the year people play tricks on each other, the person who gets tricked will received " Happy April Fool!" As a leading supplier of automotive diesel spare parts in China, what news will he introduce to the world.

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