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DENSO Air Bus Compressor 10P30C With 1PK/2PK/7PK Pully

2016-01-27 15:18:42 SHUMATT TECH LTD Read

DENSO Air Bus Compressor 10P30C With 1PK/2PK/7PK Pully For Toyota Coaster Bus


Denso compressor 10P30C we supply has much more small size, quite lower working noise, longer suitable working life, better effect performance of cooling efficiency. The most important feature is much more comparatively good price.


10P30C 单槽离合器 (2).jpg


We can ensure denso compressor you will purchase from our company not only product itself, but also maintenance plan and technique service project. All installation guide and service manual will be followed with our compressors. Denso Compressor we have 1PK, 2PK, 7PK 3 types.



Here is picture for Compressor 2PK:




Here is picture for 7pk Denso 10p30c compressor






Technique support for Denso Compressor:


Our engineers have 12 years experience on auto ac repair and exchange.Tech support like instruction file and air conditioner maintenance project plan will supply with product.


Our Markets :


USA, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia,Ecuador,Pakistan, Southeast Asian countries, Russia, Turkey, Spain, France.


Welcome to contact us if any demands. Thank you.

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