Shumatt Diesel Common Rail Test Bench & diagnostic scanner bus ac parts on sale China manufacturer




  • Common rail injector filters dismounting tools for DENSO injector


    DENSO injector filter disassemble tool , will help you to dismounting the filter easily and quickly.

  • Caterpillar injector disassemble tool dismounting tool


    Carter injector decomposition tool can be very convenient for disassembling Carter injector, it is an indispensable tool maintenance, demolition, installation, inspection, testing injectors .

  • Electronic digital calipers 0-150mm with high accuracy


    Electronic digital calipers use the principle of electronic digital display to measure the length by reading the two relatively movable jaws separated distance. Whether the appearance of work, accuracy and overall texture, durability far exceeds that of similar products on the market was mixed.

  • Tension wrench with 19-110Nm suit for common rail injector repair


    Tension wrench with 19-110Nm,it is an indispensable tool for maintenance of the engine, oil pump, fuel injector , can be adjusted to the required tightening torque to achieve the desired standard, will automatically alert after the torque reaches the set standards to prevent parts caused by insufficient tightening torque caused by excessive wear and torque damage to components.

  • 28 grid injector assemble & disassemble holder


    Entire parts box is divided into 28 small squares by removable inserts, it is colorless, odorless, sealing, non-polluting, large space, use a wide range, such as: store when removing fuel injectors and other parts, both to prevent the loss of parts and does not occupy the place.

  • High accuracy digital micrometers 0-10 for Bosch stage 3 tester


    Measuring injector replacement dimensions and clearances of parts, high anti-static high-precision measurement accuracy, saving time for buying injector parts.

  • Plastic tweezers 93305 for fix common rail injector spare parts


    Antistatic hard carbon fiber composite plastic forceps can easily hold small parts inside the injector to hold or installation when the fuel injector removal and installation, small parts have a magnetic when holding it, easy to lose , anti-static tweezers due to non-magnetic, can fully meet the need that easily installation and collection of the inside the injector parts when remove the ..

  • Digital Micrometer 0-25mm 0.001mmThickness Meter Tester


    Measuring tool for injector gasket, can measure the gasket injector thickness, width, etc., can be high-precision parts test outer diameter, inner diameter, length, height, thickness and other technical parameters, digital display clear and intuitive,operation simple and convenient.

  • EUI EUP CAM BOX with all adaptor using for test eui injector


    They are adapters for EUI EUP, use for fix the EUI EUP and also collect the return fuel.

  • Injector Work Meter Lift for Solenoid Valve Measuring


    Injector Work Meter Lift is used to test the injector solenoid valve’s opened and closed form, it is used to determine if the injector solenoid valve lift is standard, so as to determine the injector ..

  • Komatsu construction denso injector return oil collector


     BrandDENSOAccessoriesFix tool+ O ringMaterialsteelApplicable injectorFor Komatsu Construction MachineryQuantity1 setFunctionFix & oil collectPackingCartonUser manualyes Packing listName

  • BOSCH third measure tool 9 sets


    It is use for test the gap between shims, so to check if it is in standard value. Also can use for check the adjust gasket to choose correct thickness gasket

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