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B2C overseas sales, cross-border e-commerce sales

Bao'An District Shenzhen,Guangdong Province
Number of recruits  20

Position Requirements:

1、Junior College degree or above, major in international trade and business English, CET4 or above;

2、 Fluency oral English for foreign trade and be familiar with the use of business English correspondence;

3、Have ability to independently handle orders, develop and maintain customers;

4、Have good communication, coordination and execution skills, and be able to communicate with customers flexibly;

5、Have a strong sense of enterprise,teamwork spirit, strong work independency, serious and responsible work. active;

6、Summarize and analyze the existing problems in the work, be good at independent thinking and try to solve the problem;

7、Proficient in the use of office software, typing speed is not less than 60 per minute.

Job Responsibilities:

1、Classify and  distinguish company's existing customer customer levels  according to existing orders on the platform;

2、Use online communication software,such as Facebook, etc. to contact customers who have completed transactions, obtain customer needs and develop more orders;

3、Reply  platform messages and orders leaving message on the  platform; 

4、Follow up with customers from other sources; 

5、Make regular customer communication summary tables and sales reports according to the requirements of the team leader.


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