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Sales Manager Assistant

Bao'An District Shenzhen,Guangdong Province
Number of recruits  1

Position Requirements:

1、Familiar with the processing of various office software such as WORD\PPT\EXCEL

2、Have excellent communication skills and strong execution ability;

3、Relevant work experience of manager assistant is preferred.

Job Responsibilities:

1、Responsible for the production and compilation of monthly, quarterly, and annual statistical reports and reports, and reply to sales managers’ inquiries on sales dynamics at any time;

2、Responsible for collecting, sorting and summarizing market conditions, prices, and new products, substitutes, customer sources and other datas analysis, and presenting analysis reports to provide references for leaders and business personnel;

3、Assist the sales manager in the preparation of department meeting records and customer service plans, and the implementation of meeting content;

4、Make different sales lists according to sales data to provide assistance for sales work;

5、Make and supervise the formulation and implementation of the sales plan of the sales department, report and summarize data in a timely manner;

6、Assist the sales manager to complete department training and other tasks assigned by manager.


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