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Purchasing Specialist

Bao'An District Shenzhen,Guangdong Province
Number of recruits  1

Position Requirements:

1、Proficient in computer office software application, have a strong sense of service;

2、Responsibility, strong execution, ecellent communication skills, and the ability to solve problems flexibly;

3、Two years  purchasing experience and above, those who have engaged in auto parts purchasing are preferred.

Job Responsibilities:

1、Make purchase plans based on sales orders on the company's ERP system , and track the arrival of purchases and the delivery date of sales orders. Analyze sales data and make purchase planning ; 

2、development and maintenance Suppliers : compile new supplier data, maintain existing suppliers and develop new suppliers based on inquiries. Cooperate with the Finance Department to do supplier monthly reconciliation and communication matters;

3、Negotiation: regularly analyze product market prices according to market feedback, use negotiation skills to control procurement costs, and reach competitive procurement prices. Regularly release the supplier’s new product information and inform the marketing department;

4、Inquiry: For products without data in the ERP system, you need to find different suppliers for inquiries according to the product category, and reply to the sales department in time;

5、Responsible for handling the abnormal situation of the delivered product, and communicating with the supplier of solutions to handle the product abnormality.


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