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Bao'An District Shenzhen,Guangdong Province
Number of recruits  1

Position Requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above, with more than 2 years of experience in webcasting director;

2、Sufficient basic knowledge and practice for the layout of the camera, the allocation and formation of the shooting system, and the basic system knowledge of broadcast-level video and audio;

3、Have a good perception of camera position adjustment, picture matching with music, and picture matching with stage beauty;

4、Familiar with broadcast equipment, have knowledge of using a mixer and a variety of professional audio and video playback software;

5、Familiar with using and setting up streaming software such as OBS, VMIX, and understanding other streaming software;

6、Have a basis in videography and photography, editing experience is preferred;

7、Be proactive in work, good at going beyond yourself, with team work conscious and good communication skills.

Job Responsibilities:

1、Responsible for the technical support of the directing studio and participating in the live broadcast directing work;

2、Operate the switcher and organize and coordinate the live broadcast personnel and technical work types to complete the live broadcast;

3、Guarantee the quality of program switching during the live broadcast, controll the error rate and make sure the picture is reasonable and effective;

4、Responsible for the equipment management of the live broadcast system, monitor the live broadcast signal transmission path, live broadcast accidents and emergency handling, and ensure the smooth progress of the live broadcast.

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11-12, 14th Floor, Building 13, Qinchengda Building, Exit A, Honglang North Subway Station, Baoan District, Shenzhen,China Mainland.